Appointments and Consultations

For your convenience we offer appointments for clinic consultations as well as online consultations (via skype) for most of our health treatments. Here you will find details on how to make an appointment and what is involved in a consultation.

How do I make an appointment for a consultation?

You can contact us by telephone to make an appointment or email on and we will contact you.
Appointments for online consultations (skype) can also be arranged for various treatment services.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

This will vary depending on how busy the clinic is at the time of your request but generally you will be able to make an appointment within a week.
Please note we hold waiting lists for emergency cases so please contact us to discuss your requirements if this is needed.

How long does a consultation go for?

Your initial consultation will generally last for 45 mins.
Follow up consultations vary from 20-30 minute visits.

What types of treatment do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of health treatments that can improve your health status no matter what your current health condition may be.

How much does a consultation cost?

This will depend on which program is best suited to you and the length of time for your consultation.

How can I pay for an appointment?

In clinic we accept cash, eftpos (sorry, no cash given out), credit card.
Online Consultation (skype) credit card (visa/mastercard) or Bank Transfer
NB: Payment for online consultations (skype) must be received prior to appointment.

Can I claim treatments with health funds?

Yes, provided you are privately insured and have the appropriate cover. Please contact your health fund to confirm your level of cover for the service you will be looking to claim.

Do I have to do anything before my first appointment?

Prior to your initial consultation you may be emailed an online health questionnaire to complete (privacy protected, you need login details which are sent to you also), to provide us with your current and previous health history.
This gives us time to review your health details and ensures time is not wasted during your initial appointment in collecting this information.
Obtain copies of previous blood tests (no older than 6 months) to bring in with you.
Ensure you have had 200ml of water prior to your consult as a urine sample is collected at our consultation.
No coffee prior to your visit as this may give false readings of some tests.

What will be discussed in my initial consultation?

This will depend on your health complaint but generally the following topics will be discussed
• the reason for your visit
• your health goals
• review of your health history
• your current physical condition
• lifestyle
• diet
• elimination

• stress
• emotional concerns
• drug, tobacco & alcohol use
• medications
• sleep
• exercise
Comprehensive clinical testing will be performed to give us a better understanding of your condition.
Together this information will help us formulate a personalised treatment plan to get you back on the track to good health.

How often will I need to have a consultation?

This varies from person to person and will depend on which program you are recommended.
Usually second weekly for the first 6 weeks then as your health improves, the length between visits will extend to monthly and bi-monthly.


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