Body Composition

Ageing is a natural part of your life, however the speed at which your body ages depends on certain lifestyle, dietary, emotional and environmental factors. We are able to measure many of the markers that can contribute to you getting older before your time.

By making some body measurements we can gain information such as:

  • your fat mass
  • your muscle mass
  • your fat to muscle ratio
  • your BMI (Body Mass Index)

How can these help you?

  • lose weight and monitor your measurements
  • help you to age healthily
  • reduce the risk of chronic disease states

How much does it cost?  $94.00 in addition to your consultation fee. This includes a results report and report of findings together with a personalised treatment plan to improve any health concerns that were identified. Your personalised treatment plan may include improvements to your diet and lifestyle as well as recommended nutritional supplements to improve your health status.


Iridology is the study of health through examination of the iris, (coloured section of the eye) the sclera (white of the eye) and the structural aspects of the eye including the pupil (the black centre) the pupil border and collarette.
This is done with a specialised iris camera and then assessed to map out the iris.
The iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy. It has a reflex connection to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the nervous system.
It has been said: “the eye is the window of the soul”. Because of this connection the eyes are in direct contact with the biochemical, hormonal, structural and metabolic processes of the body via the pathways of nerves, blood vessels, lymph, organs, glands and connective tissue.


There are no two irises exactly alike. In fact, each iris is as individual as a fingerprint. This fact has seen security companies utilising equipment developed for personal identification through the eye. This security method is called bio technology. The colour and pattern of iris fibres is an expression of the physical and emotional issues of the three generations before you (parents, grandparents and great grandparents) which may or not be activated according to the way you eat, drink, think, live and love.
Genetic information about an individuals strengths and weaknesses can be interpreted through the connective tissue of the irises, including its structure, pigmentations and accumulations. Therefore changes in health are a function not only of genetics alone, but also of the way individuals live their life.

An Iridologist will assess the variations of colour and fibre structure to assess constitutional strength of our physical body, as well as aspects of the personality, which can be influenced by conscious and subliminal emotional patterns. Iridology is not a treatment therapy but rather a tool used to assess health.
Iridology is used to determine specific predispositions for the individual which enables the practitioner to recommend treatment strategies in order to prevent illness and maintain optimum wellness. When you know your constitution, it assists you to become the best you can be.

Iridology is not new

The first recorded sources of iris analysis reach back as far as ancient Babylon. An ophthalmologist, in 1813, unaware of these old views on iris analysis, wrote in his publication ‘Textbook of Eye Disease’, “Everything that affects the organism of an individual cannot remain without effect on the eye and vice versa.” In the 20th century, doctors and scientists from the United States, Europe and Australia brought iridology into worldwide recognition. In the last twenty years, iridology has been widely researched in areas such as the constitution, the sclera and pigmentation, and has been used by many orthodox doctors clinically in Germany, Russia and other countries as a dependable form of diagnosis. This is largely due to its reliability in the assessment of function and disease potential.

Today, people are in need of preventative health care and less complex methods of analysing their condition. Iridology provides a non-invasive, painless and economical means of looking into the body, which may be utilized in conjunction with any other system of analysis available. The eyes are the bridge between the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our human nature. GOOD HEALTH IS YOUR CHOICE

Every eye is different

An Iridology Report costs $121 in addition to your consultation fee, this includes the photos (taken by a custom manufactured camera), results report and report of findings including a personalised treatment plan to improve any health concerns that have been identified.

Urine Sample

Matrix Evaluation

An imbalanced body pH can be at the root of many common symptoms such as constipation, poor digestion, aches and pains, heartburn, cramping, bloating, headaches, frequent colds, fatigue and sleeplessness.
In a healthy state, our bodies are slightly alkaline. This alkaline state is necessary for survival. As we progress into our mature years, stressful lifestyles and poor eating habits mean that we become acidic and our bodies struggle to buffer our acidic lifestyles, leading to chronic acidity.

Hair Tissue Analysis

This is an analysis showing the mineral levels in your body, good and toxic minerals, by knowing your mineral ecology there are a number of other health concerns that can be detected from this test such as: metabolic rate, activity of parathyroid and thyroid, gut acidity, anaemia, depression, and adrenal function.
It also gives an outline of nutritional assistance required to correct any issues.

A sample of hair from the back of the head is taken and sent to the laboratory, in 3 weeks the results are returned and we have more answers to any health issues.

Food Intolerances

This test covers 58 food panels, a few drops of blood are collected and sent off the laboratory for testing. Results are usually in 3-4 days. A purse size chart is given to you with the intolerance’s marked for your convenience. The test costs $275.

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